Store: programs and algorithms

I prepared a series of scripts (running at NinjaTrader 7 – you can download it from free from this site) and algorithms (if you do not use NinjaTrader).

If you are not so good at programming but still would like to have your trading software, let me know so that we can try to find a solution!

Here is the list of products:

SimpleStratAd Simple strategies, shown here. FREE! Just take contact.
IndicatorFailureAd Indicator failure strategy, discussed here. From $29.
BollingerEngulfingAd Bollinger bands with engulfing bullish pattern, discussed here. From $79.
JapaneseAd Japanese candlesticks (bullish) after downtrend, shown here. From $99.
IslandReversalAd Island reversal: program and algorithm. From $199.
CupHandleAd Cup & handle: program and algorithm. From $199.
BreakawayGapAd.png Breakaway gap: program and algorithm, discussed here. From $249
TriangleAd Triangle: program and algorithm. From $399.
AscendingTriangleAd Ascending triangle: program and algorithm. From $399.
WedgeAd.png Falling wedge: program and algorithm. From $499.
ChannelBreakoutAd Channel breakout: program and algorithm, discussed here. From $499.
DoubleBottomAd Double bottom: program and algorithm, discussed here. From $599.
HeadShouldersAd Head & shoulders: program and algorithm. From $699.

Special packages:

Package 1 Island reversal + Breakaway gap + Cup & handle.

From $499.

Package 2 Triangle + Ascending triangle+ Falling Wedge + Channel breakout.

From $999.

Package 3 Double bottom + Head & shoulders.

From $999.